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Oxygen Absorber
Oxygen Absorber is a small packet of material used to prolong the shelf life of food produces. It is safe, non-toxic and odourless. It is used in food packaging to prevent changes in the colour of food, stop oils in food from becoming rancid, and retard the growth of oxygen-using aerobic microorganisms such as fungi. Oxygen Absorber absorbs oxygen and effectively reduces the aerobic environment to 0% oxygen. The shelf life of a food product will extend from 1 week to several months as aerobic bacteria and fungi are unable to grow without oxygen.
In partnership with advance Japanese materials producer of this oxygen absorber line brings the following benefits:

  • Finer active ingredients allow even and faster absorption
  • Multi-laminated packing is moisture and oil proof
  • Superior outer film allows oxygen absorption without punch through pin holes preventing active powder from spilling onto food.
  • Improve consumer confidence of end product freshness

Crackers, Peanuts, Mooncakes, Pastries, Beef Stickes, Ham.

Standard Product Types available:

Model O2 Capacity Size Packing Per Carton
U-20 20CC 30X38mm 10000pcs
U-30 30CC 30X40mm 10000pcs
U-50 50CC 40X40mm 6000pcs
U-100 100CC 40X45mm 4000pcs
Other Sizes: 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000, 2000cc available sudject to minimum production quantity.

Ethylene Absorber
Ethylene Absorption Sachets extend the shelf life of fruits, vegetables and flowers in a packaged or bulk environment. Made with natural occurring zeolites, they can remove unwanted ethylene gas through the oxidation process, thereby ensuring the quality and freshness of horticultural products during storage or transportation.
The size of the sachet required depends on factors such as the product type, the length of time required to protect them, the weight(kg) of product, size of the area to protect, the threshold of sensibility to ethylene...

As a basic guideline, we recommend our customers to start testing with the following sachet types:

Ethylene Production Volume Package Weight Sachet Size
Low Up to 8kg 5gm
Medium Up to 15kg 7gm
High Up to 50kg 14gm

Product Types and Packing Per Box:
5gm 700pcs
7gm 700pcs

Rods and Screens
Ethylene Absorber Screen functions similarly to Ethylene absorption sachets. This filter is ideally applicable in places such as in warehouses and refrigerated trucks, where good air flow is already there and when greater amount of granule is required. It is designed to allow easier replacement of tubes once they are saturated. The holes incorporated on its sides allow screen to be hanged near the air evaporator inlet / outlet.

Screen Type Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight (kg)
Screen 6-7 877 250 51 7.9

Ethylene Filter Rods are good for one time shipments in reefer containers. It is easily installed in the air intake outlets in the container units.

Product Length (cm) Weight (gm) Packing
Filter100 100 960 6pcs