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Aerospace and Automobile

Pressure Relief Valves

Our whole range of pressure and vacuum relief valve are designed to prevent excessive pressure or vacuum buildup in sealed containers or equipment.Read more

Nitrogen Purging System

The NEPS1000 ADVANTAGE is the latest development for improving the effective and efficient use of dry nitrogen
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Desiccants are hygroscopic substances that can adsorb moisture, liquids, or gases from the surrounding environment.
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Moisture Barrier Bags

Moisture Barrier Bags have high moisture barrier properties.
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Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion inhibitor compounds vaporize from the paper or film.
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Humidity Indicators

Humidity Indicator Card Humidity Indicator Cards allows a low cost method of indicating humidity conditions inside sealed packaging.
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Data loggers

Data loggers are digital devices that consist of a sensor to read environmental conditions and memory to store the recorded data.
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Impact Indicators

Ship your fragile, sensitive, perishable, or calibrated goods without surrendering control of their handling.
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Void Fillers

Polychip Foam, also known as foam peanuts, packing peanuts or polychip peanuts, are a common loose fill packaging.
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Other Protective Packaging

Transport packaging is still a challenge to manufacturers and distributors due to mechanical damage or mishandling.
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The Easy-Cut range is specially developed to prevent your product from damage while opening cardboard boxes.
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Immersion Breathers

An Immersion Proof Breather prevents pressure or vacuum build up in instruments or equipment subject to water spray or immersion. Read more