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Other Protective Packaging

Edge Board
Transport packaging is still a challenge to manufacturers and distributors due to mechanical damage or mishandling. Edgeboard is readily adopted by packaging experts due to the exponential reinforcement strength, ease of deployment and economical price.

  • Support Pallet
  • Protect Edges
  • Increase Stacking Strength
  • Strapping cushion
Standard Types Available:
B X C (mm) A (mm) D (width) mm
35 X 35 1000 3
50 X 50 1000 4
60 X 60 1000 4
60 X 60 1000 6

Packing List Envelope is a pouch widely used during shipments to prevent documents from getting wet and damage. It is placed on the outside of packages and precautionary and informational labels to caution package-handlers and other parties about the properties of the packages. It comes together with a self-adhesive liner at the back that perfectly sticks on all surfaces to prevent the loss of documents during shipments.

Product Types Available:
Size Packings Per Carton
5.5"(O) X 10" 140mm (O) X 260mm (Plain) 1000pcs

7" (O) X 5.5" 180mm(O) X 140mm 1000pcs
7" (O) X 10.5" 185mm(O) X 270mm 1000pcs
9.5" (O) X 13" 240mm (O) X 334mm 500pcs
10" (O) X 5.5" 260mm (O) X 140mm 1000pcs

* (O) denotes opening.
All except (plain) have "Packing List" Printing.

New environmental and hygienic measures require a change in the type of pallets used for different industries.

  • Paper pallets need no treatment against insects
  • Hygienic
  • Due to its light weight, the cost savings in freight can be huge especially for cargoes mainly going by air
  • Freight shipment
  • Environment friendly

Applications include air con compressor, computer main frame, and such.

Reinforced Aluminium FoilFor the packing and protection of cargo during storage and transit, especially in countries with high humidity, due to its moisture barrier properties. Available in custom made forms, such as Bags Form to cover big machinery for vacuum seal before export. Having a conversion facility allows clients to have custom made ready bags for use. Applications include crating, dry packing, automotive parts, electronics machinery, mechanical parts, telecom equipment, instruments, and medical devices.

Foil Type Composition Properties
TF-900 PP/ LDPE/AL/ PET. MIL-PRF-131K Class 1
MIL-DTL-117H Type I, Class E, Style I
BW-160 PETVM/Mesh Cloth /PE/LLDPE Reinforced

Versatile with consistent quality to palletize the cargo with better stretch, higher load retention, and better puncture resistance to save packaging costs. It protects your goods against water, dust, and moisture during storage and transit.

Wooden pallets in transport applications will soon cease due to their weight, price, and handling costs. Slip sheets are FDA approved and suitable for use in food packaging.

  • Economical
  • Recyclable
  • Hygienic
  • Durable

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