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Power and Refinery

Transformer Breathers

The failure or malfunction of many transformers or similar equipments can be directly attributed Read more

Vent Dryers

Many fluids, semi-solids and powders can be seriously contaminated by moisture and process by products.Read more


Desiccants are hygroscopic substances that can adsorb moisture, liquids, or gases from the surrounding environment. Read more

Container Desiccants

Container Desiccants are specially engineered to protect cargo from moisture damage by preventing condensation in shipping containers. Read more

Humidity Indicators

Humidity Indicator Card Humidity Indicator Cards allows a low cost method of indicating humidity conditions inside sealed packaging. Read more

Impact Indicators

Ship your fragile, sensitive, perishable, or calibrated goods without surrendering control of their handling. Read more

Data loggers

Data loggers are digital devices that consist of a sensor to read environmental conditions and memory to store the recorded data. Read more


The Easy-Cut range is specially developed to prevent your product from damage while opening cardboard boxes. Read more

Void Fillers

Polychip Foam, also known as foam peanuts, packing peanuts or polychip
Read more

Other Protective Packaging

Transport packaging is still a challenge to manufacturers and distributors
Read more